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This white paper demonstrates the unique benefits that a toxicogenomics approach can bring to toxicity assessment in the drug discovery process.

You’ll see how IPA-Tox®, a capability within IPA®, can help provide improved mechanistic understanding to toxicology programs by more fully leveraging data from genomic platforms. IPA-Tox reveals biological mechanisms that are related to toxicity (on a molecular, cellular, and biochemical level) to help you confidently identify toxic compounds quickly and early in the discovery process.  This correlates to a significant reduction in the decision making time when deriving insight from gene expression models (rather than relying on expensive animal studies).  This white paper explores the advantages and benefits of a toxicogenomics approach.  You’ll also:

  • Find out what a systems toxicology approach really means
  • See how to derive actionable insights from genomics data
  • Learn about established systems toxicology best practices
  • See where toxicogenomics approaches best complement traditional safety assessment methods
  • See examples of published research where novel insights were revealed using a systems toxicology approach
  • Learn how toxicogenomics solutions like IPA-Tox can provide powerful mechanistic understanding for better informed decision-making

Best Practices for Assessing Toxicity throughout the Drug Discovery Process: Toxicogenomics