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The goal of the IPA Upstream Regulator analytic is to identify the cascade of upstream transcriptional regulators that can explain the observed gene expression changes in a user’s dataset, which can help illuminate the biological activities occurring in the tissues or cells being studied. IPA makes it easy to take this result even further by examining what biological processes, pathways, and diseases the transcriptional regulators and their targets may control, and how these upstream molecules may regulate one another.

This whitepaper aims to educate on Ingenuity's Upstream Regulator Analysis in IPA. The tool is a remarkable step forward in the field of transcription regulator prediction.  Unlike other tools, IPA will predict which transcriptional regulators are involved and whether they are likely activated or inhibited.  IPA can then visualize this network of regulators and targets to explain how the regulators interact with one another and their targets to provide testable hypothesis for gene regulatory networks.

Ingenuity Upstream Regulator Analysis Whitepaper:
Identify The Cascade Of Upstream Transcriptional Regulators And Explain Gene Expression Changes Using IPA