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This white paper demonstrates a new approach to identifying mRNA targets. You will see how the microRNA Target Filter in IPA was able to narrow down a list of than 13,000 potential mRNA targets to just two, by filtering on biological context drawn from supporting evidence in the literature and the experimental expression results.

The microRNA Target Filter in IPA provides insights into the biological effects of microRNAs, using both experimentally demonstrated and predicted microRNA-mRNA relationships (from TarBase and TargetScan).  IPA reduces the number of steps it takes to confidently, quickly, and easily identify mRNA targets by letting you examine microRNA-mRNA pairings, explore the related biological context, and filter based on relevant biological information as well as the expression information.  Using IPA, you can easily and consistently answer questions like:

  • Which microRNA is predicted to target a given mRNA, and how good is the prediction?
  • Based on my expression data, which microRNAs have regulation that supports the target prediction?
  • Which mRNAs participate in a relevant disease, subcellular location, or pathway?
  • How do certain mRNAs and microRNAs interact, and what’s downstream?
  • What is the predicted impact of changes in microRNA expression on cellular processes, pathways, diseases, and phenotypes?

Using a Novel microRNA Target Filter to Prioritize Candidate Melanoma Biomarkers