Promotion is expiring soon!  CLC Cancer Research Workbench is available with a 20-sample subscription to Ingenuity®Variant Analysis™ for a savings of over $1000!  Experience our new integrated FastQ-to-insight solution, and start identifying somatic cancer driver variants in your human sequencing data today.   


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  • Rapidly filter, identify, and prioritize compelling variants
  • Intuitive and user-friendly – no bioinformatics experience required
  • Visualization and validation of results
  • Expert curated and knowledge driven algorithms and analysis for rapid inference of novel insights 
  • Scalable for single sample to multi-sample analysis

Accelerate NGS data interpretation

Uncover meaningful insights in cancer research with CLC Cancer Research Workbench - the world"s first comprehensive, user friendly and customizable cancer-focused information solution.

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Rapidly identify and prioritize variants

With Ingenuity Variant Analysis, you can interrogate your variants from multiple biological perspectives, explore different biological hypotheses and identify the most promising variants to follow-up on.

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QIAGEN Bioinformatics - Sample to Insight

For up-to-date information and product-specific disclaimers, see the respective QIAGEN kit handbooks or user manual. QIAGEN kit handbooks and user manuals are avaliable at or can be requested from QIAGEN Technical Services or your locale distributer.